Fashion Editorial shoot at Pentillie Castle

I recently had a collaborative project working with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year photography students on my course from Plymouth College of Art, doing an on location fashion editorial. We were given a brief by fashion photographer Holly McGlynn. The brief was to produce an 8 page spread fashion editorial inspired by the current trend New Romantics.  The shoot was to be held at Pentillie Castle, in Cornwall and each group was assigned a room/area. We were assigned to outside in the gardens/grounds.

Our model was called sophia and as she had coloured hair and multiple piercings we felt that she would represent the punk/gothic side of the new romantics trend really well. After having group meetings and discussions we decided to go with all black outfits and focusing on layering the clothing, which is a big trend at the moment. We searched online and bought some outfits we all agreed on and really liked. It was important that we paid close attention to detail when choosing the clothes. Prior to the shoot the models had a practice run with hair and makeup, so we knew exactly what we wanted on the day. We also got the model to try on a couple of the outfits to be sure that they fit, which they all did.

It was such a stunning location but unfortunately it rained most the day, but our group still managed to produce a great piece of work! Our model was absolutely brilliant for putting up the rain and I do not think I heard one complaint come out of her mouth. I decided to take all of my shots with natural lighting. Although it was very cloudy and grey sky, my camera would allow me to increase the ISO and still have that good quality and soft light look to them. I have put a few of my favourite shots on my website here..

I shall attach a couple of behind the scenes shots, so that you can see me working. The photo credit of the behind the scenes shots goes to Martha Fitzpatrick and Ian Underwood.