Trend 03 - Vintage Brights

Shoot Plan:

The plan for this shoot is a fashion editorial located in the studio. The style of this shoot is inspired by the trend Vintage Brights, which is clothing made with fabric that had bold bright colours, flowers and patterns on. This trend gives me really big 70's vibes, therefore I plan on doing a 70's style fashion shoot. I also really like these neutral brown coloured backdrops in some of the photos from my mood board. I know that one of the coloramas at uni is the kind of colour I am looking for would really complement the tones of the clothing.

  • Location - Photography room at Plymouth College of Art
  • Equipment: Canon 5D Mark iii, with Canon 24mm-105mm L Lens and Canon 85mm 1.8 Lens, Elinchrom RX4-D Lites, Octabox, Sync Lead, Skyport, Laptop or Mac to tether to.
  • Model: Currently Unkown

All of the clothing I picked out for this look is from New Look, they had a lot of pieces that worked really well with this trend. I decided to do a vary whether the bold patterns were on the top, bottom or all over. I also included a few pieces such as the Peace and Love t-shirt to increase that 70's vibe. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 13.12.04.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 13.12.20.png