Project Proposal

303 - Final Major Project Proposal – Rachel Gardiner

For my final project I plan to carry on from my previous project, where I began exploring the possibility of putting a magazine together. In the last project I photographed a variety of portraiture and still life using both natural and studio lighting. The previous experiments have allowed me to develop a better idea of what content I want to create and feature in my magazine.

My magazine is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine and the issue I am going to be producing will be a Spring Summer 18 Issue. I plan on doing extensive research about the SS18 trends and will begin to generate ideas that reflect or feature the trends. The magazine is going to be mainly imagery and I am going to be trying to keep the text to a minimum.

For the fashion content I shall be shooting a variety of editorials, some will be done with natural lighting on location and some will be based in the studio. In the studio I want to use a few different lighting set ups and techniques depending on which set up suits each shoot. I definitely plan on doing a fashion editorial within the studio using the lights to create effective shadows. I also plan on doing quite a few location shoots, with it being a spring summer issue I plan on returning to the Torre Abbey Gardens as the plants create a wonderful tropical setting. I also plan to feature a swimwear editorial either on a location that features a pool or a beach, both which will likely be shot on natural lighting. For the fashion shoots I plan on styling and sourcing all of the clothes myself, however if the workload becomes too much I know a few stylists that I can contact for help. Depending on my finances I may try and use more professional models, who are less likely to be unreliable. I am also debating featuring a ‘street style’ section where I shall capture local peoples outfits that I like. I also want to feature some fashion still life shoots.

For the beauty content I plan on doing some beauty editorials featuring highly detailed close up portraits. I am going to try both creative bold looks as well as specifically ‘on trend’ looks. This section could also feature portraits focusing on popular hairstyles. These shoots will be done in the studio using a beauty dish and possibly also recreate some set ups I did previously using a reflector dish with a honeycomb and snoot. This section could be accompanied with text explaining how people can create the looks themselves and the products that have been used.

For the lifestyle section I plan to feature a Travel section, I am possibly going to reach out to people who have recently travelled to contribute to this section so I can feature more than one person’s opinion. Within the Lifestyle section I shall also feature local café’s and restaurants with reviews backed up with supporting imagery. This section could also feature Cooking/baking ideas, home ware, DIY’s, interior design, current textile trends etc. Almost all of the lifestyle stuff will be shot on location.

I also plan on featuring interviews with people who relate to the industry such as Fashion designers, Models, Make up artists, Hairstylists, Stylists, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Bloggers, Youtubers Baristas etc. These interviews will be done in a fun and creative way where they will all have the same set of questions to answer. I haven’t decided for definite yet but I think I shall print the questions and get them to fill it in by hand and they can decorate it however they like, then I shall scan it in. By doing this it will allow the people to reflect their creativity and will be more personal. If I cannot do this I shall use a ‘hand writing’ style font for the answers.

To bring all of this together I know I shall have to reach out to people to collaborate with, however I do aim to do almost all of the photography myself, but will probably find someone to assist with the writing, as literacy is not my strong point. I may also have a retoucher edit my work to ensure my imagery reflects the highest quality possibly.

I have not yet decided whether the magazine is going to be digital and have more of a website/blog design or is going to be a physical print magazine. If I go with the digital design I plan on creating supporting social media accounts, as well as video content that fits a long side the imagery such as look books, interviews, behind-the-scenes.