Shoot Evaluation

I was really nervous the day before our shoot as the weather forecast was awful rain for next three days and Rosie was only staying down here with me for two nights, as she actually lives near Bath. We ended up being lucky that it was actually a very nice sunny day. Not only did the sun create nice summery lighting, but it also meant Rosie wasn't freezing in some of the outfits that were dresses or skirts. The downside to the bright sunny weather was my eyes were constantly watering and irritating me It was the Easter holidays so I was also really worried that the courts were going to be very busy, but again luck was on my side as it was very quiet. I think that the shoot went really successfully as I managed to get so many shots and a slightly different background for each outfit. 

Because Rosie was going to have to change outfits and there wasn't really anywhere private like a public toilets near by for her to get changed in, so I had a good think about the outfits and worked out an order that meant she would always be covered. We started with the Camo trousers and the Fila t-shirt and then went onto the Fila dress. To get into the Fila dress I got Rosie to put there skirt on like a boob tube allowing her to take the t-shirt off without exposing anything, she could then put the dress on over her head and take off the trousers. Although the second Fila outfit was a dress, I also wanted to try it out like a top by tucking it into the skirt. The next outfit was the Nike long sleeve top and jeans. To get into this outfit Rosie put the jeans on under the skirt, then pulled the skirt up like a top again allowing her to put the Nike top over the top and pull the skirt off. All of these changes basically wouldn't have been able to be done if it wasn't for that skirt. Even if I don't need a skirt for a shoot I shall now remember to always bring one. The final outfit was the cropped Nike t-shirt and red skirt, therefore she put the skirt on at a top so she could swap the Nike t-shirts, she then pulled to skirt down to waist level and pulled the jeans out from underneath. Another way to get round this awkwardness of changing in public is to purchase some sort of pop up tent that models can go in and change without anyone seeing.

For this shoot I wanted to ensure that Rosie was captured in a variety of different poses so that the shots for each outfit don't look too similar. I also shot from a variety of angles as I tried shooting straight on, looking down at the model sat on the floor, sitting down level with the model, kneeling down on the floor and looking up at the model and looking through the fence at the model. I also experimented with depth of field, as the use of shallow depth of field occurs throughout a lot of my work and think it is definitely one of the key components of my personal photography style. I tried using a shallow depth of field by shooting down the edges of the fence that were out of focus leading to Rosie who was nice and sharp. I also wanted to use shallow depth of field as in a lot of the shots their are cars and some people walking in the background and I didn't want them to be too distracting.

I actually planned on doing the red skirt in the tennis court, however I didn't realise that the centre metal net was red, so that was bit of a happy accident as it worked really well. I did purposely choose for the Fila dress to be shot in the basketball court as the mesh sleeves and hood reminded me of the fabric that is used in basketball jerseys. The only thing that annoyed me about the basketball court is that the theme for this outfit was Fila and the hoops had Adidas written on it and although most of it was covered, the font is so recognisable you can tell straight away. 

I took quite a lot of photos for this shoot, but I hope to be able to narrow them down to three favourite images per outfit. By choosing three I have a definite two for a magazine and a extra third shot for my Instagram, as the grid layout is in threes and I like each row to be from the same shoot. 

I think the shoot was really successful and I looking at my contact sheets I think I definitely managed to get exactly what I had in mind. I look forward to editing and sharing the images I choose for my final edits.

Final Edits

Here are the 12 final edited images that I have chosen from my Athleisure shoot. I actually shot 5 looks, but I decided to stick to four as I felt outfit four didn't have enough variety to choose three strong images that aren't too similar. When I was choosing the images from each outfit I had to keep the other outfits in mind to try and avoid repeating the poses throughout the series of images. I tried to make sure that each outfit had a full outfit shot along with two supporting images preferable one slightly cropped in shot and a closer cropped portrait. The only look that I struggled to choose three images that features a closer crop portrait was outfit three. Although look three doesn't feature the cropped portrait, I don't mind as I really like the three photos I have chosen and each has a different pose so none of them are too similar. I don't know which outfit was my favourite to shoot, but I do have a single favourite image from each look.

_J4A0313 72.jpg

This shot is my favourite for this outfit as I really like the composition and the angle that I shot from. I had to kneel down on the ground and shoot up at the model to be able to her the tall basketball hoop in the shot. I really like this composition as the model looks a little bit like she is framed because of the big tree on the right that comes up and over the model and the post and basketball hoop on the left. I also love this shot as I think the basketball hoop helps set the scene.

_J4A0321 72.jpg

If I am completely honest I don't exactly know why this is my favourite shot, but it just stands out to me out of the three. I really like the models casual pose and expression. I also really like how the lines on the floor are yellow, matching the yellow on her t-shirt. I positioned Rosie within the circle in the middle of the court as I wanted it to frame her, but I didn't want it to be obvious, I just wanted discrete simple lines that lead you to the model and I think this composition created the effect I was after. I think that the painted lines on the floor also add context as most people associate lines on concrete like that with sports.

_J4A0066 72.jpg

I really like this shot as I like the pose and carefree expression on the models face. This image has bit of a grungy and edgy feel to it which is enhanced with her slight squint, creating a bit of a moody/serious expression staring straight down the camera. I feel something similar to this would fit in well to a more alternative fashion magazine such as i-D or Dazed or something a little more unique and independent. 

_J4A0569 72.jpg

As it was really sunny the day of the shoot Rosie's natural freckles really popped out, which is why I love this shot so much. I love how naturally pretty Rosie looks in this image. I purposely chose to keep the makeup very minimal and stripped back as this shoot is all about sportswear and not being all glammed up.