I had planned what I wanted to do for this project at the end of year two and I was determined that I was going to get it done. I really wanted to create a magazine and produce a Spring Summer 2018 Magazine. I started the process to create the magazine in the previous 301 project and planned on carrying it on for this project.

For health reasons I was allowed an extension on my 301 project. As I had this extension it took me a while to work out when to stop 301 and when to start 303, as it was essentially the same project. I had a very slow start to 303, as I was mainly trying to focus on getting 301 done, but in the end I had to just say to myself no more 301 I need just move on and start 303.

I was quite organised at the beginning of the project, as I had planned around six shoots and even picked out all of the outfits and locations. Despite being organised I very quickly learnt that trying to put a magazine together all by yourself is extremely daunting and is actually really hard to do. Building a magazine definitely needs a team to be able to produce it, as then the work can be evenly distributed around the team. To create a magazine you don't just need pretty pictures, you need a stylist or someone with fashion knowledge to help you stay on trend, you need a hair and makeup artist to ensure the model is looking their best, an actual model preferably with experience to add a bit more quality to your images, an editor who can do the retouching, a writer to write all of the content, graphic designer and a director/manager to make sure everyone is fulfilling their roles.

During my project proposal presentation Gem suggested that my ideas may have been a little too big and my goals were a bit unrealistic. I started to get quite stressed and worried I wouldn't be able to produce even half of the amount of content I originally said I would produce, so I decided to sit back and have a really good thing about what I want to do and what direction I plan on taking. During this project I was taking on a lot of work from a client that runs a variety of businesses and I was busy a lot of the time as wanted me to do photography and filming for her, so I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate it with my uni work. It quickly dawned on me that we don't have very long left at uni and will soon be working on my own out in the photography world. I looked at my current portfolios and realised I am really happy with my current fashion portfolio and feel that I have lots of really strong imagery in it and feel I don't really need to shoot more fashion work purely for my portfolio at the moment. When I looked at my family portraiture portfolio, I felt like it really needed updating, as the work could not compare to the standard of my fashion work. When I finish Uni I plan to carry on working as a home carer to cover the rent and bills and also be a freelance photographer on the side, whilst I build up my client base and recognition and can hopefully go full time self employed eventually. To be able to branch out more and offer more services I have to more have experience in new areas to me and to build up my portfolio.

For this project I ended up deciding that I was going to do a variety of different mini projects and combine them into a newly updated portfolio. These mini projects included a baby cake smash, doggy cake smashes, family portraiture on location, filming and video editing and more. Once I started working towards my new proposal, I instantly felt less stressed and more comfortable, as I am working with people who you can rely on as they are serious about working with me, as a pose to models who are working for free or for tfp, who are more likely to let you down.

I feel that all of my mini projects were really successful and have definitely allowed me to create a family portraiture portfolio, with not only a higher quality but more variety. I am really happy with my imagery and excited to be able to advertise these types of services more and hopefully start to get more customers/clients. I have now gained a lot of experience in working with kids and animals and feel I have developed the confidence to take charge and direct them. I feel a lot more prepared for working with strangers, families and businesses now as I have met and worked with so many new people over the last few months. I still hope to produce my magazine in my own time sometime in the future when I am not surrounded by other deadlines.