Fashion Portfolio

I created my portfolios using the Book Wight app that you can download directly from There are a variety of templates or you can create your own by making text and image boxes the exact size you like. I decided to choose to do two small 18x18cm books with a soft cover. I wanted a soft cover as I wanted it to be comfortable and easy to flick through almost like a catalogue. I want these portfolio books to work as a little advertisement that demonstrates my wide variety of work styles. I also went for the soft cover as it doesn't really feature any text and I didn't want it to be too formal. I sometimes think thick hardcover books can be quite intimidating and people can't be bothered to pick them up, whereas this design is slick, simple and easy. I decided to create two separate portfolios as I did not want it to be too thick and the work is quite different and is intended for separate audiences.

My fashion portfolio is aimed at models, bloggers, fashion icons, fashion photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists etc. Where as my family portraiture portfolio is aimed at families and people who want to either document their families and capture different milestones such as pregnancies, newborns, birthdays, weddings etc.

I wanted my fashion portfolio to feature a variety of my strongest work from the past two years. I also wanted to ensure I had a variety of both on location with natural lighting and in the studio with lighting equipment to demonstrate I can work in both situations. I spend ages trying to decide the order of the book and attempted multiple different orders, but in the end I felt that this order flowed the nicest.