Family Portraiture Portfolio

There was more imagery within my family portraiture, which meant there was more pages. I decided the best way to layout my photos was buying splitting them into three different categories: Families on location, families in the studio and pets in the studio. As I created different sections I decided to add a contents at the start, which meant the pages would have to have page numbers.

I decided to also feature a head shot of myself, kindly photographed by Aleks in our class for the catalogue. I also featured a little bio about myself and adjusted them to fit with either fashion or family portraiture. Both books feature the design of my business cards on the last page a long with my website, contact details and social media. 

Throughout the majority of the book they layout is pretty consistent, however I decided to do something different with the dog cake smash pictures. I decided I wanted to be able to show a selection of photos of the dogs so I chose three images, one would be a standard portrait, one would be waiting to have their cake and the last would be them eating the cake. There were also a couple of individual shots that I really liked, so I decided to include them just at single shots.

I am really pleased with the outcome of both books and luckily they both arrived in time for the deadlines.