Alfie - Puppy Shoot


Shoot Plan

The plan for this shoot is purely experimental to see what it is like to work with a puppy. It was also because the owner wanted to get some nice photos of Alfie before he grows up as it can happen so quickly. I bought two cute crate style boxes that have chalk boards on the front and I thought this would be good for pets and newborns. I plan to fill the box with a cushion to elevate the puppy and then put a blanket over the top so that it looks soft and decorative.

  • Location - Studio - The Old House, Compton, Marldon, TQ3 3SY
  • Equipment: Canon 5D Mark iii, with Canon 24mm-105mm L Lens and Canon 85mm 1.8 Lens, Elinchrom RX4-D Lites, Octabox, Square 60cmx60cm Soft box, Sync Lead, Skyport, Laptop or Mac to tether to.
  • Models: Alfie Cocker Spaniel - 14 weeks old

Contact Sheets

Shoot Evaluation

This was a very difficult shoot, I definitely under estimated how hard it would be to get a puppy to stay still and look all cute and innocent at the same time. Alfie was just full of energy and excitement from the moment he arrived. We let him play with my mums dogs for a good hour before we did the shoot in the hope that he would be worn out and it would be time for a puppy nap and would lay peacefully in the crate, but we thought wrong. Alfie didn't seem to calm down at all and all the treats we were giving him to try and bribe him to do what we wanted probably weren't helping. I suggested to Alfie's owner to come back after they've started going to puppy classes and he can at least understand sit.