Bay Care - Animal Assisted Therapy Video

Shoot Plan

Bay Care is a Domiciliary Care company who cover Torbay, Brixham, Newton Abbott, Dartmouth and more. They have hired me to produce some content for their social media and website. They plan on doing some new services that are fun and more engaging for their clients. The first one we are doing is Animal Assisted Therapy, which is where they get one of the members of staff to bring round a dog to visit the clients. This is a lovely service for people who adore animals or even used to have pets of their own but can no longer manage to look after one. These doggy visits can put massive smiles back on some wonderful people who would usually be quite lonely. To be able to advertise this service I was hired to film a short video demonstrating a visit and to share some key information.

  • Equipment: Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-105mm Lens
  • Location: Variety of houses across Torbay

One of the carers picked me up in her car, along with the dog and took me around a few of their clients houses who lived in Torquay and Newton Abbott. All of the clients were asked if they would be interested in the visit and told in advance that we would be filming, however they could request to not have their faces in shot for the final edit. All of the people we filmed with also signed consent forms written by Bay Care.

I was quite nervous for this shoot as I had no idea what the houses were going to be like, whether there was going to be much room, whether or not the lighting was going to be any good etc. Also working with animals you can never predict how they are gonna react and whether they will behave or do what you want them to. Filming actually went really successfully, as Roxie interacted really well with everyone and despite two of the clients not wanting their faces in the shots, I still managed to get some good footage. It was a really fun day, as seeing everyone’s reactions to the dog was so heart warming. One of the locations was quite difficult as the house itself was not presented very well and there was a lot of stuff everywhere so we did not have much room. This is something we couldn’t avoid as we were going into their homes and had to make do with what we had. I made sure that I shot a few close up and detail clips of Roxie so they could pad out the video if I didn't manage to get many interacting shots. I also took photos whilst we were there, incase they wanted any for social media and their website.

Once we had done a few visits and I felt we had enough footage I went home and started putting it together in Final Cut straight away. They wanted a simple video with no speaking just a little bit of music as the only audio and some text. I picked out my favourite clips and put them in a rough order that I thought flowed well. I got them to email the exact information they wanted featured in the video to ensure it was correct. I split the three visits by inserting a photo of Roxie the dog along with the important text in between each visit to even out the fun cute clips and the information. At the time of filming only one person requested for their face to not be filmed so I got some really sweet clips of Roxie sitting on one of the ladies laps, but I had to remove the clip as after she saw the preview version of the edit so far, she decided she didn't want her face in it anymore. I almost had to scrap all of the clips we filmed at her house which would have made the video a little too short, but luckily I managed to crop the frame so that her head is slightly cut out of frame. I sent them a final preview of the video and they were really pleased with it. They are awaiting an extra logo that they wanted edited into it so it is currently unpublished.