Recruitment Hub - Website Videos

Shoot Plan

Recruitment hub is a brand new business, which has not yet been launched. The website is currently being created. It is to become a hub for people to search for new jobs, upload virtual/digital CVs, apply for jobs, get careers advice as well as be a place for employers to search for new members of staff. To help set up the website I was hired to film three videos, one was a mock interview, to demonstrate a typical positive interview, the second one was advice and tips for interviews and the last one was a demonstration of what a virtual CV should be like.

  • Equipment: Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-105mm Lens, Tripod and iphone 7 (for audio)
  • Location 1: I can do that - Castle Circus House, 136 Union St, Torquay TQ2 5QG
  • Location 2: Bay Care - 49 Torquay Rd, Paignton TQ3 3DT

Interview Advice

For the mock interview and the interview advice we were filming in an very small empty box room at an office space. I was a little bit worried about the lighting as just the window did not produce enough light, therefore we also had to use the rooms ceiling lights. Luckily the lights did not create too much warmth and ended up lighting the room quite evenly. I can do that is a company who working with Recruitment hub and provided one of the careers advisers for this video. 

For the interview advice I positioned the speaker in a central composition and added the banners and posters either side and balanced out the empty space with some decorative flowers. I thought this was an effective crop, as it was close enough to focus on her speaking, but was still wide enough to see her body language and hand gestures. I can do that requested that their banner and small poster be somewhere in the background. They were aware that a lot of the banner would be cropped, but they did not mind this as they knew the logo, website and email were all gonna be within the video. I also left enough space to be able to have a small amount of text to pop up throughout the video. This video was all done in one take, which I think is effective as it can sound very rehearsed and un natural if you have to repeat what you are saying multiple times. 

I recorded the audio on my iPhone 7 as my Rode mic is not compatible with my camera for some reason. I feel that the iPhone produced a high enough quality for the audio of this type of video. I imported the footage and audio into final cut pro and combined the two together, making sure that the audio lined up perfectly. In the first edit I only included the I can do that graphics as I was still awaiting the recruitment hub ones. I experimented with different thumbnails and different layouts. I created a version where text that related to the points the lady were making would pop up and I also did a simpler version without any extra text. The recruitment hub preferred the version with more text so I added the recruitment hub details to that version.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 15.28.14.png

Mock Interview

For the mock interview we were filmed in the same office space. They wanted me to be able to capture the interviewee knocking at the door and walking in and to pan round and capture the rest of the interview in one take. I had the camera on a tripod so the panning round would be fine, but it was very difficult to be able set the tripod at a height that would capture them walking in, as well as being at the right height and frame when they were sat at the table. They wanted me to capture the walk in and have a wide view so that the body language is seen clearly. Unfortunately as they walk past the camera their heads are slightly out of frame, but I could not angle it any higher as it would look silly once they sat down. I think I managed to get the best framing I could to try and accommodate both.

It was quite handy that I had positioned the I can do that banner in the corner as it covered a filing cabinet that was covered in a variety of bits and bobs and looked messy and distracting. I was worried about the lighting as the lady had to face away from the window, but luckily with the room's lights she is lit enough. The main focus is on the man being interviewed so it was best to have him facing the most forward to the camera.

As I recorded the audio on my phone it needed to be close to them, but not in shot, therefore I hid it behind the little poster on the table. This was effective, however when they walk through the room the furniture vibrated causing loud knocking sounds and the camera shakes slightly. Unfortunately my editing skills are not advanced enough to remove that sound. Luckily they were not too bothered by it, but if they were I would have out sourced an editor to remove it for me. 

This video took a couple of shots as the gentleman did not know he was going to be doing this as the original man dropped out last minute due to nerves. At first we had to keep cutting near the beginning, as they were both a bit giggly and the gentleman wasn't quite sure on his answers, but considering he was put on the spot I think he did very well and we only did one full take.

Virtual CV

For this video we originally planned to film at the same location as the first two videos but the person who we were supposed to be filming couldn't make it. One of the owners of recruitment hub stepped in and we did two takes but she was really unhappy with it as she was struggling to not talk to fast and realised she was subconsciously blinking a lot and saying 'erm' before everything she said, therefore she decided she didn't want to do it. 

We then went to the Bay Care office and asked the other owner of recruitment hub if she could try doing it. We used one of the empty quiet office rooms upstairs. The room only had one blank wall that needed to be the background, but when she was in position I realised she would be side on to the window, meaning one side of her face would be lit more than the other. Kat didn't mind this as she was starting to feel a bit desperate to just get something useable filmed. I think Kat did well as she had to make up what she wanted to say on the spot and to try and not rush it. We managed to do it in one take, but I had to cut a couple of the clips as at one point she lost what she was saying and got confused. 

When I edited the video I did two versions, one simple one where it was just Kat speaking and then one where I added highlights of the information she was sharing to the right of her. The decided they preferred the version with the writing as well.


I think that all of these videos went really successfully as the clients are really happy with them. This allowed me to branch out from doing just photography and develop more experience in filming and editing video. The clients are so pleased that they are thinking of even offering a service working with me where people can book to have their Virtual CV's filmed by me or they can send me footage they have filmed themselves and I can edit it to give it some more structure and add some information on the right. Moving forward if I plan on filming a lot more I may need to invest in or look at hiring better sound equipment, so that I can record a higher quality audio.