Location Family Portraits - Rich, Laura & Alexa

Shoot Plan:

The plan for this shoot is to follow this little family around on one of their weekly adventures walking around country parks. I wanted to be able to capture an essence of the lovely little family with some natural shots as well as some posed ones that I will direct them on. I haven't been to decoy for a very long time and I don't plan on going prior to the photo-shoot due to a lack of time, therefore I am looking forward to finding some nice spots and posing them spontaneously, as too much planning and posing can look awkward on camera.

  • Location - Decoy Country Park, Decoy Rd, Newton Abbot TQ12 1EB
  • Equipment: Canon 5D Mark iii, with Canon 24mm-105mm L Lens and Canon 85mm 1.8 Lens
  • Models: Rich, Laura and Alexa

Contact Sheets

This shoot wasn't able to be done the weekend we had originally planned as the weather was dreadful and being within trees the lighting would be very limited and we would all get wet. The date we rescheduled for did end up having a bad weather forecast, but we decided to just go for it as we both did not want to delay the shoot anymore. The weather was mostly dry throughout the shoot, but the sky was very cloudy so our light was very limited leaving a lot of the images looking dark and dreary. Luckily my camera can handle the ISO being boosted a little higher than I would usually stop at without excessive amounts of noise appearing. I told the family to wear what they usually would on one of their country walks, I did not want them dressing up all smart then walking through a muddy forest as they would appear very out of place and it would not reflect reality. I loved Alexa's outfit as it fit the theme of the shoot perfectly with her little floral rain mac coat and some wellies. I managed to find some really nice spots whilst we were there to use a s different backdrops and liked having options. Unfortunately it did rain a little whilst we were there but being within the trees stopped it from getting us too wet. The shoot only took about 45 minutes as we slowely walked round and by the end of it Alexa was starting to lose interest, so we ended up playing in the park. I actually managed to get a few more extra shots of her playing on the slides and i think I got some really cute action shots that her parents will love. 

Final Edits

Here are the final edited images that I gave to the family. I really like the variety of natural and directed poses we managed to get whilst making the most of the location. I really love the ones of them with the lake in the background, however if only the sky was blue and sunny that day the reflections in the water would have been even nicer! It is very hard to choose favourites from this set of images as so many of them make me smile.



I absolutely love the expression of pure happiness on Rich and Alexa's face in the image of her on his shoulders, I cannot look at it and not smile. I also love the image of the three of them stood at the end of the walk way to the water swinging Alexa in the air as it captures the fun they have together and the scenery looks pretty.