Doggy Cake Smash Days - Cooper


Cooper is a Sprocker Collie Cross and roughly 10 months old. 

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Shoot Evaluation

Cooper was probably one of the most energetic out of lyn's dogs, therefore we thought we would start with him and get him out of the way as it should only get easier after him. There are a few pictures of Pippa and Cooper together as they are actually brother and sister from the same litter, so they get very excited when they see each other and are quite inseparable. Cooper ended up being a lot easier to direct than I thought he would. I thought as soon as we put the cake down he wouldn't be able to wait and it would be gone instantly but he was actually patient and sat waiting until we said go on then. He was such a smiley dog and was quite photogenic.

Final Edits

I am really pleased with the final edits of cooper. I think he is such a handsome dog and I absolutely love the second photo (cropped portrait) because he has this lovely big smile and his coat looks so soft. I also really like the last shot of him licking the cream cheese off of the top of the cake without disturbing the bone treat and with that little patch of cream cheese stuck on the top of his nose.