Doggy Cake Smash Day - Tank


Tank is a black and white Great Dane who is 5 years old and was accompanied by his best friend Lulu, which is actually the only other dog Tank likes. Also Lulu is apparently the boss of the house, which I think is hilarious that the smaller one is the boss of the big friendly giant.


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Shoot Evaluation

Tank was a lot bigger than I remembered when I first met him, but luckily there is plenty of room in the studio, so he was still able to walk or should I say trot around. It was very funny trying to get Tank to sit, as every time he would sit his front legs would just slowly start sliding forwards until he ended up laying down, think this was because of the smooth floorboards and I can imagine he's quite heavy. Considering he was the biggest dog I just presumed he would be the one who would eat all of the cake instantly but he was very unsure on it. I think he has been really well trained and therefore was in disbelief that we offering food that looks more like human food than dog food. Eventually he picked his cake up and put it on the floor, where he continued to finish it. I managed to get a few funny photos of him pulling a variety of expressions whilst he tried to lick his lips. We also decided to try and get some shots of the two dogs together to really show the difference in size and the contrast between the two. It was quite hard to get Tank to stay laid down and Lulu kept running off and sitting in my lap.

Final Edits

As Tank was so big it was really hard to know what angle to photograph from and a lot of the photos of Tank eating the cake look really awkward as he is having to bend so far down. I probably should have put the cake stand on a little platform of small table so that it was at a better height for him. I absolutely love the photo of him with Lulu as it really demonstrates just hob big Tank really is in comparison to Lulu. I also think this picture describes there personalities perfectly as Lulu is looking directly at the camera stood up and is actually stood over Tank's arm which really enhances this idea that she is the boss and the way Tank is looking off at the camera just laying there still almost looks submissive.