Doggy Cake Smash Day - Nacara


Nacara is an Australian Kelpie and is around 9 years old. Like Cole she has lovely big ears.

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Shoot Evaluation

Nacara was quite nervous and was slightly more difficult to direct but we managed to keep her interested with treats. Nacara appeared to feel a lot more comfortable sitting as she sometimes looked a bit awkward in a laying down position. She ended up sitting nice and still allowing me to come closer to get a nice cropped portrait. Nacara was quite unsure on the cake until we gave her a bit of the frosting and then she got stuck right in, she even picked the cake up off of the stand and ate it off of the floor. She then spent a while licking her face and ended up pulling some of the funniest faces.

Final Edits

I really like the images I managed to get of Nacra as the last few just make me smile or laugh, especially the last one. The last image is definitely what you would call a 'mug shot'. She was no way angry, this expression is just from her really enjoying licking her face. The squinting eyes really add to the look. Her owner loves this photo as it just makes her laugh everytime she see's it. I love the image where she is eating the cake because her expression and her ears being back gives this 'she means buisness' serious look and it just makes me giggle how determined she was to eat that cake.