Doggy Cake Smash Day - Misty


Misty is a Japanese Spitz cross and is about 6 years old.

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Shoot Evaluation

The fact that Misty has white/blondie shade fur I was really worried that we would completely loose her into the background. Luckily Misty is a warm tone and the wall is a more cold/grey tone of white. Misty was one of the only dogs that weren't too interested in the cake, she just wanted the cream cheese on the top. She was a lot more interested in constantly running over to me and trying to sit on my lap and wanting cuddles instead of having her photo taken. She is smaller than some of the other dogs so I probably should have made her a smaller version of the cake like I did for Gigi. Although Misty did not eat the cake, I managed to get some cute photos of her patiently waiting by it and some shots of her tongue hanging out.

Final Edits

Here are the final edits from Misty's shoot. I feel that Misty's shoot was the least successful, due to her lack of interest in the cake, however I am still happy with the shots I managed to get. Because of Misty's colouring I feel that her shoot would have benefited to having a different coloured background as the white on white doesn't look as effective. My favourite image is the first one as she is looking towards the camera and has a really big smile.