Doggy Cake Smash Day - Logan


Logan looks like a Rottweiler because of his colouring but he is actually another Australian Kelpie and is abought 4 years old.

Contact Sheets

Shoot Evaluation

Logan was the last dog for day one and his shoot went really well and quite quickly as each shoot gradually got faster as I got into a routine and knew what needed doing and how. Logan was an extremely photogenic dog and looked so handsome whether he was smiling or had a serious face. I managed to get a really nice variety of sitting and standing shots as he was quite patient. He probably ate his cake the quickest out of all of the dogs, I wasn't expecting for the cake to disappear quite so quickly but he ended up just picking up the whole cake and woofing it down.

Final Edits

I think that Logan's final pictures are my favourite from the whole dog cake smash series. I managed to capture each style of shot I wanted by getting a close up portrait, a whole body shot, waiting for the cake, eating the cake and licking cream cheese off of his nose. I couldn't choose a favourite image out of these, but I would say my top three are the first image as I love how detailed it is and think the contrast of him against the white background makes him stand out and it looks really striking and grabs your attention, I also like the second image where he has a big smile as he just looks so happy and it makes you smile when you look at it and lastly I would say the shot where he has picked the whole cake up off of the cake stand but you can clearly still see the bone treat, I think this shot is really funny as it's almost like he's claiming it before anyone else can.