Doggy Cake Smash Day - Gigi


Gigi is a fawn French Bulldog who is about 2 years old.


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Shoot Evaluation 

I was quite unsure how well Gigi's shoot would go as her owners said that despite her being almost 2 she hasnt had a huge amount of training so we may struggle getting her to stay in the same place. She ended up doing a lot better than I was expecting as she would follow their directions to sit, I think without the treats it would have been extremely hard to do. She also spent about 20 minutes playing with one of my mum's dogs before the shoot, which tired her out a bit. Her owners also brought her cute little red hoodie so I got a variety of shots with her wearing it and without it. It was very hard to get Gigi to look at the camera because her eyes were glued to wherever the treats were. I think even though she isn't looking directly at the camera in most of the shots they still have a cute and engaging look as she often does that sweet confused head tilt thing. The owners planned on taking some of it home with them for her to have another day as she looked like she was struggling to eat it, but we tried breaking it up for her a little and that was it she ate the whole thing.

Final Edits

I am really pleased with the outcome of Gigi's images. Again I do not think that I could choose a single favourite shot as I like so many of them. I like the second image as I like the composition and I think she looks adorable in that mini red hoodie. I think the last image is hilarious as she has cream cheese all over her mouth and her expression is just like "what you looking at?" or "I didn't just eat a whole cake, what are you talking about?" whilst the evidence is all on her face.