Doggy Cake Smash Day - Cole


Cole is an Australian Kelpie who is about 7 years old. Cole has these wonderful big striking ears.

Contact Sheets

Shoot Evaluation

Cole was really well behaved and easy to direct, however he did like to sit and lay down quite far back and closer to the wall as I think he was a little bit nervous and confused about the situation. Once we started giving him cream cheese and treats he looked a lot happier and once we got the cake out it brought him closer to me. Once we told him he could have the cake it went pretty quickly compared to the previous dogs.

Final Edits

I am really pleased with the outcome from Cole's shoot as I think the images work really well as a set as well as individual portraits. We start with some nice portraits of him, then him waiting for his cake with an adorable blob of cream cheese on his nose, him eating his cake and then a few more portraits of him trying to lick every last trace of the cake. I think it is pretty fair to say that Cole really liked the taste of his cake. My favourite shot is the last one where his tongue is wrapped right round and up onto his nose. I think the pose and the fact his tongue is out gives the photo a cute but also comical look.